At Samudra the focus in always on ensuring that our customers get maximum advantage of the LED Lighting Technology. Our aim is to maximize energy savings without compromising on the illumination quality and output. In fact, we make things better than what they were!

As a Company that primarily undertakes Energy Saving Projects in the Lighting Segment, Samudra offers a host of support services so as to provide a one stop solution to our customers.

Apart from manufacturing and selling high efficacy LED lights, the other services we offer are:

Advantages to the customer:

  • No upfront capital investment
  • Earnings from Energy Savings and reduced maintenance costs
  • Earnings based on baseline audits and factual data
  • No maintenance liability for the duration of the project
  • Use of Centralized Control and Monitoring System (CCMS) for SMART Cities
  • Scope for Energy Performance Contract
  • Municipality/Government Body/Implementing Body stands to earn handsome profits without any upfront capital investment
  • Use of the latest and green technology

Note: The above are based on the nature of the project, project requirements and project duration and are therefore subject to change.

There are certain Terms & Conditions which need to be fulfilled in order to undertake projects under such PPP ESCO Contracts. 

In Energy Saving projects, Savings form the most important component. To measure Energy Savings, it is important to understand how much energy was being consumed, it is critical.

In order to establish energy savings achieved, it is important to understand how much was being consumed earlier. This process of establishing base line forms the very basis of any Energy Saving Project.

Samudra offers services for carrying out Energy Audits and establishing baseline for LED Lighting projects.


  • Measures current lighting consumption using scientific measuring methods and equipment.
  • Categorizes the existing lights based on type, rated power and actual power consumption.
  • Measures electrical parameters such as PF, Current, Voltage, Frequency, Kwh and THD.
  • Measures lighting parameters such as CRI, CCT and Lux.
  • Comparative analysis between existing lights and recommended led lights on electrical and lighting parameters.
  • Detailed reports backed by authorized facts
  • Establishes baseline which can be used to measure energy savings after replacing existing lights with LED lights.

Lighting Design plays an important role in optimizing energy savings. A good lighting plan helps in determining lighting that works best for you. 

Without a lighting plan, it is almost impossible to understand the type, quantity and power of lights required for a project, the achievable lux, mounting height, light position etc. 

Samudra uses Dialux to design lighting plans based on which we are able to provide the best recommendations to our customers.


A scientifically made lighting design takes the following into account: 

1. Know the reasons for using lighting (office lighting, street lighting, parking bays, etc.)

2. Determining the tasks, the area will be used for 

3. Determine the lux level requirements of the area (e.g. on the floor, on the work plane, on the walls, etc.) 

4. Aesthetics

5. Prescribed/recommended Lux levels


Tools/Required for making a lighting plan: 

1. An AutoCAD drawing of the area which needs to be illuminated

2. IES files of the lights which are proposed for the designated area and the desired lux. 

3. A software for simulation (e.g. Dialux, Relux, etc.)


Samudra lends its lab facilities should you like to get your product tested as per LM79 Standards, generate IES files, test electrical parameters, surge tests etc. Samudra’s state-of-the-art lab is equipped with the latest:

  • Goniophotometer
  • Integrating Sphere
  • Surge Generator
  • Electro Static Discharge Generator
  • Voltage Dip & Interruption Generator
Samudra offers the option of product customization based on the volume and nature of the project. Product customization aids in tailor making a product which bests suits a specific project and helps achieve the best possible results.  
Depending on the size and requirements of the project, Samudra can offer turnkey solutions which include Installation & Commissioning along with O&M services.  

About Us

Samudra Electronic System Pvt. Ltd. India, is an ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company. It has its Registered Head Office at Pune, India and Manufacturing Facility at MIDC Baramati, technology and resources needed to exceed customer expectations.

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